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Silicone Conformal Coating designed for Electrical Protection Greatly Improves Cycle Times

Techsil increases its Conformal Coating range with an inventive product from Momentive Performance Materials. Its thermal cure system promotes increased productivity along with offering excellent chemical and fungus resistance.
Published 08 December 2014

Momentive ECC4865 is a one component, solventless thermal cure conformal coating silicone with an exceptionally low viscosity (210cps) allowing it to easily flow underneath components and provide complete coverage at a lower per part cost than other more viscous materials. ECC4865 can be applied in a variety of ways to ensure full board coverage and ease of use – by spraying, dipping, pouring or painting. Thanks to its solventless nature and low VOC formulation, ECC4865 is a very eco-friendly product to use, with no harsh handling restrictions.

ECC4865 provides outstanding moisture and environmental protection for printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies. Clear in colour, it has an extremely long coating bath life and comes with exceptional long-term viscosity stability. ECC4865 offers primerless adhesion to many substrates and gives excellent high/low temperature performance - operating between -40°C up to +200°C.

The ECC4865 thermal cure system allows for very fast cycle times, resulting in increased productivity for high volume manufacturing. It offers very good chemical resistant, and its fungus resistance (ASTM G21) is excellent. Once cured, ECC4865 forms a 35 Shore A silicone rubber with a dielectric strength of 500 volts/mil and a dielectric constant of 2.4.

Momentive ECC4865 has already proven automotive reliability, but has uses across a broad range of industries including consumer electronics; industrial equipment; telecommunications; appliances and aerospace/aviation. It is perfect for the environmental protection of printed circuit boards.


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