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Citizen Chronograph Eco Drive Calendar Alarm Perpetual Mens Watch

The specialty of these Citizen Watches Australia is there are hints strewn all across the dial about their intense levels of functionality.
Published 24 April 2015

Citizen Eco-Drive ChronographThis is something between sporty and dressy and mechanical watchmaking shall take a lot of time and money to accomplish it. Citizen does it easier and brings the gadget-lovers worldwide a multifunctional watch with functions that will stay useful for your entire lifetime. It is a near to a haute horology experience every Citizen chronograph Eco-Drive calendar alarm perpetual mens watch offers, sometimes even surpassing the extremely important flavors predominant in the watch market, without exceeding logical, technical limits.

At the extreme point is the Citizen Perpetual Chrono AT watches with atomic timekeeping which also works the perpetual calendar and the second time zone indicators. Once you set up the watch you are set for ever, provided you feed your watch with the required amount of light from time to time.

Before moving any further, let’s admit that the radio-controlled Citizen Watches Online have their downside, which is, setting them up or using them is more complicated than their simpler cousins who have not given the atomic access. But it’s also something that makes it more interesting than the rest; plus, you get relieved of a task once and for all! It’s unnecessary to mess with the features again (except for the chronograph and world time); the time and calendar data shall work accurately for the rest of the days of your life.

The specialty of these Citizen Watches Australia are there are hints strewn all across the dial about their intense levels of functionality. From the flange ring and power reserve indicators to the mode selector and the subdials, you will never run short of playthings in your leisure.

For example, you just need to pull out the crown to change the timezone easily, upon which, the watch shows the time at that particular zone. It’s the pull of the same crown that activates the chronograph and alarm, after which, it’s the pushers that take over. Such whiz-bang features do not come commonly in watches from other brands; even if they do, not this easy and cheap. Convenience rules the roost for the Perpetual Chrono AT.

Another thing you can’t expect much at this price is the sapphire crystal, something which Citizen provides only with the watches in their upper echelons. Additionally, this crystal is AR coated, something which is not present even in some of their higher-end Citizen Automatic watches Australia.

Currently, there are about eight different versions to this particular model, the difference notable through the cases, colors and style. Available on both straps and bracelets, the latter almost with a heft of high-end Swiss bracelets and equally comfortable and attractive. Strange looking? No; we tend to call them exotic but not without the required conservativeness and comfort.

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