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Gum Arabic Market Research Report by Size, Share, Growth, Trend, Leading Key Players Update, Future Scope and Forecast 2018 to 2023

Gum Arabic Market - by Species (Acacia Senegal and Vachellia Seyal), Function (Thickenening Agent, Fat Replacer, Stabilizer, Gelling Agent, Coating Agent, Texturant and Others), Application (Bakery foods, Beverages, Personal Care products and Others) and Region - Forecast to 2023
Published 03 July 2018

Market Overview:

This projection has been made by Market Research Future in its most recent research report on the subject. The increasing use of gum arabic and the development of various applications for the same are some of the key drivers who have influenced growth for the global market.

Gum arabic has a wide range of applications including in food, painting, ceramics, printing, and others. The water-soluble additive is used as an edible stabilizer & emulsifier, for viscosity control, and other industrial applications. Most commonly it is used in making Middle Eastern desserts and as an emulsifier for syrups used in the production of popular soft drinks. Known also as acacia gum, gum arabic is increasingly being recognized for its pharmaceutical applications as a demulcent. Key market players are conducting research & development activities to uncover further applications for the material; this is expected to offer expansion opportunities to the global market.     

Availability of less expensive materials is expected to hinder market growth. Moreover, production is limited, and variations in climate can affect annual yield thus leading to fluctuating prices which poses a challenge to market growth. However, unlike most additives, gum arabic is natural, making it the preferable choice amidst health and environmental concerns.  

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Major Key Players:

Market leading players that have been identified for their role in the competitive landscape include Kantilal Brothers, TIC Gums, Kapadia Gum Industries Pvt. Ltd., AED Colloids, div of Sarcom Inc, Nexira, Drytech Processes Pvt. Ltd., and Guangzhou ZIO Chemical Co. Ltd.

Latest Industry News:

Alland & Robert, a prominent player in investing in CSR activities which provide employment and training farmers to harvest gum arabic in a sustainable manner. The company, which has a strong focus on gum arabic has started testing the all-natural additive in drinks, sauces, and pastries in their laboratory in Normandy, France.

The African Development Bank has invested USD 42 million in concessional grants for agribusinesses. The project places a strong focus on gum Arabic among other crops.

Market Segmentation:

The global gum arabic market has been segmented based on species, function, shape, application, and region. By species, the market has been segmented into acacia Senegal, and vachellia seyal. Acacia Senegal gum arabic accounts for the most significant share of the market and is expected to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period due to this species being farmed and harvest the most.

By function, the market has been segmented into thickening agent, fat replacer, stabilizers, gelling agent, coating agent, texturant and others.

By shape, the market has been segmented into square, u-shape, rectangle, wave, round, convex and others.

By application, the market has been segmented into bakery foods, beverages, encapsulated flavors, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal care products and others.

By region, the global market has been segmented into North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and the Rest of the World (RoW).

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Regional Analysis:

The global gum arabic market is led by the North African Region which is sub-segmented under the Rest of the World (RoW). Sudan particularly is the producer of the majority of the gum arabic that is exported across the world. Gum arabic is a key export item for the country, and the government offers favorable incentives, regulations, and grants toward the farming and export of gum arabic.

The Asia Pacific is another significant market due to the increase in production of gum arabic for use in various industries. Countries such as India and China have a burgeoning industrial sector and emerging economies that are driving demand across various industries where gum arabic is used, thus facilitating market growth.

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