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Aluminum Sulfide Market - Increasing Demand from Asia Pacific to Drive Market Growth during 2015-2023

Aluminum Sulfide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast 2015 - 2023
Published 18 September 2015

Chemically, aluminum sulfide exists in various forms. The compound is colorless in nature, and releases hydrogen sulfide on hydrolysis. When exposed to moisture, aluminum sulfide hydrolyzes to hydrated aluminum oxides and hydroxides. The chemical compound is formed through an exothermic reaction by ignition of aluminum and sulfur. Aluminum sulfide is usually present in a colorless granular form and is extensively used across various industries.

Environmental Concerns to Restrict Growth of Global Aluminum Sulfide Market

Aluminum sulfide’s biggest industrial use is as a coagulant in water treatment plants. Growing need to treat potable water and wastewater due to rapid industrialization worldwide will propel the growth of the global aluminum sulfide market. In the paper and pulp industry, the acidic property of aluminum sulfide is used to remove impurities from the water used to make paper. The chemical compound is used in the pulp itself to help bind materials and neutralize charges. Aluminum sulfide is also used as a food additive and is employed in the manufacturing of fire extinguisher compounds, greases, soaps, drugs, and cosmetics. The diverse usage of the compound across several industries will augment the growth of the overall aluminum sulfide market.

However, the global aluminum sulfide market is expected to be negatively impacted by the fluctuation in raw material prices. Also, certain environmental concerns against the use of aluminum sulfide, especially its disposal in water bodies has led many countries to introduce chemical-free water treatment technologies. This will also decrease the demand for aluminum sulfide in coming years. 

Water Treatment Emerges as Biggest Industrial Application Segment of Aluminum Sulfide

Aluminum sulfide finds extensive applications across industries such as power generation, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical processing, water treatment, metal and mining, paper and pulp, and others. In developing nations, rapid industrialization has increased the need for water treatment. When mixed with water, aluminum sulfide attracts pollutants in the water and precipitate them out. Growing demand for aluminum sulfide from paper and pulp, and water treatment industries is expected to contribute significantly towards the growth of the market during the next couple of years.

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Asia Pacific to Lead the Global Aluminum Sulfide Market

The global aluminum sulfide market has been segmented into five key regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and North America. During the next couple of years, Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest demand for aluminum sulfide owing to increase in water treatment procedures and the rapid growth in pulp and paper industries in the developing countries of the region. The aluminum sulfide manufacturers in North America and Europe are shifting their manufacturing facilities to emerging economies in Asia Pacific such as China and India due to stringent government regulations against the use of the compound in their economies. Furthermore, the market for aluminum sulfide in North America and Europe is mature and the introduction of chemical-free water treatment technologies will significantly decrease the demand for the chemical compound in near future. Some of the key players in the global aluminum sulfide market are Buckman Laboratories, BASF AG, AkzoNobel, and Arkema SA. 

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