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Pembs Steel Buildings offer secure storage options and covered work areas

Many businesses require secure storage and work areas. Pembs Steel buildings current offer of a free design and quotation service allow their clients to get quality buildings that suit their requirements.
Published 14 April 2012



Clean, dry, secure workplace and storage will make your build run smoothly - and at the end of the build, unlike the options of renting a container unit, you have the legacy of building to use for your own needs.

Pembs Steel buildings offer a wide range of commercial, agricultural and residential steel buildings which are individually designed to suit your needs ( free design service is included). 

In addition to our design services we can also provide erection services: our building services include self build kits, turnkey development, bespoke suppy and erect. Our professional team of project management, build teams and consultants can help to get your build done effectively. We aim to please aiming to deliver on time, to budget whilst maintaining outstanding build quality

Building dimensions, layout and overall design are available to suit our clients diverse requirements:-

Storage areas                                       Industrial Units
Workshops                                            Steel framed
Garages                                                 Double garages, Single garages
Office areas                                           Covered Work areas
Marine Buildings                                   Stoarge units
Agricultural                                             hay barns, stables

TEL 01443 226053

EMAIL: sales@pembs-steelbuildings.co.uk

Pembs Steel Buildings build and design bespoke buildings to your specification with our free design service.

Pembs steel Buildings recognise that our clients needs are diverse so we offer a wide range of buildings designed specifically to our clients bespoke designs.

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