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Optimising your capabilities- getting the right benchmarks aligned in your organisation that help reach your capability goals

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Published 20 May 2011

 Maturity modelling at its best

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!", is a famous quote of Robert Kaplan

Are benchmarks aligned in your organisation?

The benchmarks that optimise your business capabilities are intrinsically linked to your operations. They should be in tune with goals and strategies.

 - Hierarchical - giving full traceability from the operational reports through to the high level goals and targets.

 - Visible and available to aid claer communication and performance feedback.

- The results should be easy to digest and in the form most suited to the audience.

- Giving you the capability to roll up and drill down on the report information.

Essentially, the data and information is able to be sliced and diced to give you the key information to help you make the right decisions for the business, at the right time and information available in the right place - data can be held in separate repositories but reports and answers need to be readily accessible in line with your time frames and information needs.

Managing risks and issues is vital for optimising capability. Developing reporting capability relating to the factors that impact capability has the benefit of keeping key stakeholders informed and in the loop.

Communication and information is a core input required to effectively manage the problems and optimise performance to get the right results.

Organisational culture, internal skills capability is a pre-requisite in sucessful business transformations.   Let EA Dynamics UK assist with targeted training and knowledge transfer to give the relevant roles the skills required to support the business.

Having a clear vision of current capabilities and where you want to be to develop an optimised capability gives the organisation the clear steer they need to help you get there.

Does this sound like utopia? It is achievable, the key to success is correctly identifying what you need to track and what criteria/attributes are core to performance, results and your drivers whether it be return on investment or improving your environmental footprint.

As the parameters for measuring core business capabilities are defined solutions can be put in place to optimise their tracking and reporting.

For organisations who employ Enterprise Architecture it is useful to have a tool that gives you a starting point rather than starting from a blank sheet of paper. Furthermore, the benefit of customisable reports and easy access is an added benefit.

The following links downloads the Simple Enterprise Architecture Tool set (S-EA-T) is a collection of software tools, papers and patterns which support and assist the development of Enterprise Systems Architecture.

The philosophy is to 'keeping it simple & responsive' and at this site you can freely download S-EA-T software and papers which help achieve this goal.

Download of Simple Enterprise Architecture Tool set [15.2 MB]

Download of User Guide [1,532 kb]

Down S-EA-T Concepts [832 kb]

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EA Dynamics UK is licensed Enterprise Architecture Training and Consultancy organisation who are approved to use the S-EA-T software tool developed by Daljit Roy Banger

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