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Intelligent Telematics wins fleet risk management award at BusinessCar Techies

Intelligent Telematics has been recognised at the 2015 BusinessCar Techies Awards
Published 25 August 2015

Intelligent Telematics has been recognised at the 2015 BusinessCar Techies Awards. The company was successful in the Risk Management category for the launch of the IT1000 3G vehicle camera, which is helping car operators to take control of their fleet safety to reduce road collisions, identify areas of risk and ultimately save lives.

The IT 1000 transmits footage of collisions via a secure 3G private network to a web-based interface with live email and SMS alerts, so a triggered event can be viewed almost immediately. By also recording footage of near misses and poor driving incidents, fleet operators are now able to identify areas of risk. Therefore, it is possible to create a highly-accurate and tailored risk management solution, using actual footage of driver-specific incidents to support the driver education process.

“It was a clear win for Intelligent Telematics in the Risk Management category of the 2015 BusinessCar Techies Awards, because the company is offering a clearly beneficial and pioneering development that has an obvious benefit for the business car marketplace,” said BusinessCar Editor Paul Barker. “Being able to use real-life examples of a driver’s own behaviour as part of the risk management and training process is a brilliant opportunity to educate and change behaviour, and is exactly the sort of innovation that the Techies were devised to reward.”

Nick Plowman, CTO of Intelligent Telematics commented: “Vehicle cameras have historically offered a reactive approach to monitoring and capturing road accidents, but advances in video, telematics and 3/4G technologies have meant companies can now implement a proactive and preventative solution. This award highlights the success of the IT1000 vehicle camera, which is helping fleet operators reduce accident frequency and improve overall fleet safety levels through improved and targeted driver engagement.”

The BusinessCar Techies are the industry’s only technology-specific awards designed to reward those companies whose clever use of technology makes business car fleet operation easier, cheaper, cleaner, safer and more straightforward. Now in their seventh year, the Techies are judged by both BusinessCar’s expert and experienced editorial panel with help from TRL’s technology expert, cover all the major sectors of the corporate marketplace.

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