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Difficult-to-Express Proteins Market Trends & Forecast 2023-2030

The Global Difficult-to-Express Proteins Market reached USD 4,007.6 million in 2022 and is projected to witness lucrative growth by reaching up to USD 9,052.1 million by 2030.
Published 08 December 2023

Revolutionizing Protein Expression: Difficult-to-Express Proteins Market Insights

The demand for recombinant proteins has surged, driving the research and development of prokaryotic expression systems. This trend is expected to fuel the expansion of the difficult-to-express proteins market, particularly in the mass production of proteins using E. coli bacteria, a popular artificial expression host.

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Market Dynamics

E. coli Dominance in Prokaryotic Expression

E. coli, with its genomic and physiological sequencing system, stands as the preferred host for artificial expression in the pharmaceutical industry. Its ease of cloning and suitability for challenging proteins make it a cornerstone in the difficult-to-express proteins market. The system facilitates the mass production of proteins, meeting the rising demand for recombinant proteins.

Challenges in Expressing Difficult-to-Express Proteins

Difficult-to-express proteins pose challenges in established in vivo protein production platforms. Properties such as aggregation, inclusion body formation, and intrinsic nature make their synthesis challenging in heterologous expression systems. This category encompasses membrane proteins, proteases, kinases, and others, contributing to the complexity of the difficult-to-express proteins market.

Market Geographical Share

North America Leads Market Share

North America dominates the difficult-to-express proteins market, holding around 41.2% in 2022, projected to increase to 41.7% by 2030. Key market players in North America employ diverse strategies like collaborations, acquisitions, mergers, and securing investments. For example, Reaction Biology secured a significant investment from Cobepa in March 2022, fueling its growth and service line expansion.

Companies Shaping the Market

Key Players Driving Innovation

Major global players, including Reaction Biology, LifeSensors Inc., Lucigen (LGC Group), BioLegend, Inc. (PerkinElmer Inc.), OriGene Technologies, Inc., and others, play pivotal roles in shaping the difficult-to-express proteins market. Collaborations, investments, and expansion strategies are central to their efforts. For instance, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. and Merck KGaA contribute to the market's dynamic landscape.

Impact Analysis: Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is expected to minimally impact the global difficult-to-express proteins market. The absence of key market players in the region mitigates potential disruptions. However, the import-export dynamics of raw materials, products, and devices might experience some influence over the market in the forecast period.

Global Recession Impact Analysis

While the healthcare industry, including the difficult-to-express proteins market, is not entirely immune to recession, its essential nature provides resilience. Past financial downturns have seen reductions in research investments, impacting market growth. The recession's influence on research investments remains a factor affecting the market's trajectory.

Artificial Intelligence Impact Analysis

Recent developments showcase the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in protein research. Machine learning and deep-learning algorithms have been instrumental in constructing enzymes with enhanced chemical reactions. AI's role in protein research is expected to positively impact the difficult-to-express proteins market, introducing efficiency and innovation in the coming years.


The difficult-to-express proteins market stands at the intersection of innovation and demand for recombinant proteins. With E. coli's dominance and key players driving advancements, the market is poised for growth. Regional leadership, strategic collaborations, and the evolving landscape of protein research with AI underscore the dynamic nature of this market. As challenges in expressing difficult proteins are addressed, the market's trajectory is set for continued expansion.

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