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Animal Feed Phytase Market Growth Analysis And Forecast 2023-2030

Phytase is an enzyme that helps in increasing phosphorus in the diets of livestock and also aids in improving digestion and animal health. It hydrolyzes the phospho-monoester bonds of phytate, which is the salt of phytic acid and is the primary form of phosphorus found in plant tissues that consist of 40-90% of P as phytate P.
Published 08 December 2023

Sustaining Livestock Growth: Animal Feed Phytase Market Unveiled

The Animal Feed Phytase market is flourishing, propelled by the exponential growth in livestock and poultry farming. As the global demand for meat, eggs, and dairy products surges, the need for effective feed additives becomes paramount. This report explores the market dynamics, the impact of COVID-19, and the dominant players shaping the Animal Feed Phytase landscape.

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Market Dynamics and Trends

Poultry Boom Fuels Demand for Animal Feed Phytase

The acceptance of poultry meat across various religions, coupled with a skyrocketing chicken population globally, underscores the driving force behind the market. In 2020, the global chicken population reached an astounding 33 billion, showcasing a significant uptrend since 1990. This surge is not only witnessed in poultry but also in cattle, emphasizing the escalating demand for animal feed phytase.

Tackling Anti-Nutritional Factors in Livestock Feed

The presence of anti-nutritional factors, particularly phytic acid in plant proteins commonly used in poultry diets, poses challenges. Animal feed phytase plays a pivotal role in reducing the anti-nutritional effects of phytic acid, improving nutrient bioavailability, and curbing environmental issues associated with excessive phosphorus in manure.

Market Segmentation Analysis

Poultry Takes the Lion's Share

The poultry segment emerges as the dominant force in the animal feed phytase market. The insatiable demand for poultry products, coupled with the health benefits offered by phytase in improving energy levels and metabolism, propels this segment forward. Major players like DSM are introducing innovative products, combining various feed enzymes to enhance growth and digestion in poultry.

Geographical Analysis

Asia-Pacific Leads the Charge

Asia-Pacific emerges as the powerhouse in the animal feed phytase market, fueled by the region's soaring poultry and livestock populations. Countries like China, Japan, and India, with their expanding dairy industries, contribute significantly. Increasing consumer awareness regarding livestock health further augments market growth in the region.

Competitive Landscape

Key Players Forge Ahead with Expansion and Innovation

The market's competitive landscape is marked by major players like BASF, Novozymes, and DSM, among others. Expansion initiatives, such as BASF's production capacity increase in Germany, reflect the industry's robust growth. Innovation remains a key driver, with companies introducing new products like BASF's Natupulse TS, an innovative feed enzyme unlocking valuable nutrients.


As the global demand for meat and dairy continues to surge, the Animal Feed Phytase market stands as a critical player in sustaining livestock growth. The industry's ability to address anti-nutritional factors, coupled with its resilience during the pandemic, underscores its vitality. Asia-Pacific's dominance and the strategic initiatives by key players signal a promising trajectory for the Animal Feed Phytase market.

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