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Lanner Goes from Strength to Strength in China with Hi-Key Tech Partnership

New Aerospace industry Deal Supports Growth in Key Territory
Published 27 March 2014

Henley-in-Arden, UK – 27 March 2014 – Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, today announced that its partnership with China-based reseller, Hi-Key Tech, is going from strength to strength following a new contract win with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. The deal for Lanner’s WITNESS simulation software will enable the aerospace organisation to plan changes to their manufacturing processes that will allow them to increase production, ensure delivery quality and optimise manufacturing productivity. “WITNESS was chosen as the simulation tool for our project, mainly due to its versatility, not only for the assembly line design but also for logistics processes and supply chain simulation,” comments the project leader at the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. “WITNESS has been successfully applied throughout the aerospace industry around the world. This is an important factor for us since we required an industry proven tool.

Lanner’s partner in the region, Hi-Key Tech, advises on international advanced technologies for CAE, noise analysis, fluid dynamics and simulation, grasping the changes required by the manufacturing industry across China. Hi-Key was instrumental in securing the deal, offering onsite support and training for the aerospace company. “China's manufacturing industry has undergone a real transformation,” comments Yongjun Wang, General Manager at Hi-Key. “Whereas success was once based on low labour costs and technological advances, its profitability is now closely aligned to the optimisation of manufacturing and supply chain processes.

As such, predictive simulation platforms such as WITNESS from Lanner are becoming increasingly recognised as solutions for reducing risk, improve productivity and increase profitability in the quest to achieve international competitiveness.” “China is a key region for us and with a large manufacturing base, WITNESS has the propensity to help growing organisations invest in the right areas – a crucial competitive advantage in a fast growing, aggressive market,” comments David Jones, CEO, Lanner. “We are delighted to be working with Hi-Key and this recent signing is testament to the world-class reputation of WITNESS, shared values across our organisations, and a drive to achieve growth in the region.”

About Lanner Lanner delivers predictive simulation technology, a key component of advanced analytics which allows organisations to harness big data, model complex processes and experiment with business decisions within a risk free, virtual environment. Lanner’s predictive simulation solutions deliver unprecedented insight into existing operations as well as guidance through foresight for making the best business decisions for the future. With its headquarters and software development based in the UK, Lanner works with organisations around the world to optimise their resources, streamline supply chains, design new facilities, manage valuable assets and drive business performance. Lanner’s predictive simulation applications and solutions are widely deployable across distributed cloud environments, mobile devices and secure networks, and its standards based, award winning simulation engine has been embedded across leading vendors’ BPM software suites. 

About Hi-Key Tech Hi-Key Tech is committed to providing first-level support & services for the high-tech industries in China, such as aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding, weapon, nuclear power, automobile, power equipment, chemical engineering, oil & gas and new energy utilisation. Hi-Key has also provided advanced CAE and information management solutions to customers, which enhance the development of products, reduces the cost, shortens the time of product development and keep them ahead of intense market competition.

Hi-key Tech has been keeping the pace of the developments of international advanced technology of CAE and information closely and grasping the changes of manufacture requirements since Hi-Key’s establishment. As a result, it has been Hi-key’s aspire to provide its clients with leading products and services.

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