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Kawneer launches parallel opening window

Kawneer has launched a parallel opening window.
Published 30 June 2011

A parallel opening window that optimises natural ventilation without compromising security has been launched by leading architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer.

Based on Kawneer's established AA®601TE window system, the parallel opening design features the proven thermal performance of the standard AA®601TE casement window, achieving U-values of 1.5 W/m²K (for a CEN sized window with warm edge spacer) while offering exceptional levels of natural ventilation and air exchange.

In addition, the AA®601TE parallel opening window has been independently security tested to BS 7950, giving specifiers and end users the confidence that as well as aiding natural ventilation, the window meets exceptional security criteria.

Available as a standalone window system and as an insert into existing Kawneer curtain walling and framing systems, the AA®601TE parallel opening window allows increased air flow around the whole of its perimeter while significantly reducing draughts, achieving approximately twice the natural ventilation of an equivalent sized top-hung window.

Free air calculations have shown that the parallel opening configuration achieves approximately double the free air flow and air exchanges of an equivalent sized top-hung window.

With Kawneer's AA®601TE parallel opening window, fresh air is drawn in via the bottom and sides of the vent, while warm, stale air is expelled via the top, assisting with Document F of the Building Regulations and the ventilation requirements of even the most demanding projects.

With a maximum vent size of 1,500mm wide by 2,400mm high for manual operation, designers can maximise glazing areas and reduce the quantity of vents required, larger size vents are also possible using mechanical operators.

Featuring an 80mm clear opening as standard gives specifiers and end users the confidence of safe operation while further enhancing the security of the window.

Independently tested to BS 6375 (Parts 1 and 2): 2009 and available in more than 130 standard and 31 metallic paint colours, guaranteed for up to 30 years, the AA®601TE parallel opening window is made from 100% recycled aluminium which can itself be recycled.


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