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Kawneer launches a hot range of fire resistant glazing systems

Fire resistant curtain walling and doors are now available from Kawneer.
Published 13 May 2013

A fire resistant enhancement of its traditional curtain walling systems and premium range of doors has been launched by leading architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer. The range extension applies to Kawneer's AA®720 door and fixed light variants and AA®100 and AA®110 curtain walling systems, the latter with 50mm and 65mm sightlines respectively depending on the structural requirements. Both solutions offer ultimate design flexibility for architects and specifiers and safe evacuation of building occupants by offering fire and smoke protection of up to 30 minutes' integrity and insulation (EI230).

They can also be used to prevent the spread of fire through the building and to adjacent buildings. Independently tested to the latest European standards for fire and smoke protection, the enhancement hinges on the addition of some new components, including intumescent strips of foam throughout the glazing which expand when heated and cooling materials which sweat to cool the aluminium profiles and therefore protect against smoke and heat penetration. In addition, section profiles now contain a specialist gypsum plasterboard-based cooling material that helps keep the aluminium under melting point, and specialist steel glazing clips and retaining bolts replace their aluminium predecessors to help maintain the structural integrity of the system.

Last but not least, the glass itself contains a fire resistant gel which protects the glass and prevents it from melting when it is heated. These new elements apply to both the AA®720 FR door and fixed light variants and AA®100 FR and AA®110 FR curtain walling systems which have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1, achieving EI230 (insulation and integrity) and have met the requirements of DIN EN 1634-3 for smoke protection. They have also been tested to air infiltration BS EN 12207: 2000 (Class C2), watertightness BS EN 12208: 2000 (Class 4A) and wind resistance BS EN 12210: 2000 (Class 2). The AA®720 FR door features inward and outward opening single and double doors, combined with integrated fixed lights.

The stick-system AA®100 FR and AA®110 FR curtain walling systems are dry jointed which removes the reliance upon onsite sealing and ensures excellent weather performance, while concealed zone drainage gives proven weathering performance in the most demanding conditions. A fully-capped pressure plate system with a range of face cap options provides a choice of aesthetics when designing the building façade.


Caption: Kawneer's AA®100 FR curtain wall screens are 30-minute fire rated. This image shows the screen damage after 60-minute exposure.

Caption: Kawneer's AA®720 FR door.

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