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Fermacell racks up a BBA bonus

Building board manufacturer Fermacell has achieved BBA approval for external applications.
Published 03 March 2015

Long approved by the BBA for internal partitioning and dry-lining, Fermacell gypsum fibreboard has now received certification as an external rainscreen backer board.

The award of Certificate 90/2439 reinforces Fermacell’s position as “The ultimate building board”, with a product life equal to that of the building in which it is installed, and with its high recycled content, helps specifiers and contractors to achieve BREEAM points using just a single, highly versatile system.

The BBA assessment covered Fermacell’s structural performance, finding that it contributes to the racking resistance of timber frame walls when used as a sheathing board. It also satisfied the Class 0 (low risk) fire performance surface requirements for external and internal linings.

In addition, the latest certification acknowledged that Fermacell boards can be used acoustically to improve the sound insulation of new and existing walls and ceilings, and that it does not promote infestation and successfully resists attack by timber-destroying fungi.

Fermacell’s technical manager Andrew Richardson said: “This additional accreditation will give specifiers and contractors formal reassurance that our gypsum fibreboard is really all they need for both internal and external lining purposes.”



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