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Armstrong Ceilings launches free app

Smart phone and tablet users can now access Armstrong Ceilings information on the go.
Published 02 February 2015

Leading interior systems provider Armstrong Ceilings has launched a free app to help existing and potential customers, including architects, interior designers, contractors, distributors and developers, easily access information on their systems on the move.

The super-user-friendly Armstrong Ceiling Systems app enables smart phone, IPad and tablet users to very quickly preview and download information such as system and product brochures, installation and maintenance guidance, guarantees, datasheets and more than 20 case studies.

It is the latest in a line of technologically-advanced developments including animated micro-sites that position Armstrong at the forefront of next-generation service delivery.

Product-specific brochures and datasheets include metal and mesh ceilings and walls, wood, islands, metal and mineral baffles, Axiom canopies and perimeter solutions, the passive energy-saving CoolZone system and the Tech Zone system which integrates building services such as air conditioning and lighting.

The app is so easy to use it barely warrants the included guide on how to use it! And links to the app can easily be shared through email, Twitter and Facebook.

The Armstrong Ceilings app is available from both the Apple store as well as the Google Play store, or by clicking on one of the links below with your mobile device or


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