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Armstrong Ceilings heads up our bright green city

Armstrong displays its bright green building solutions through a new interactive knowledge port.
Published 30 April 2013

An interactive knowledge port that gives architects and interior designers all the help they need to specify a green building, all in one place, has been launched by Armstrong Ceilings.

"Our bright green city" knowledge port is designed to complement Armstrong's website and environmental brochure but in an even more dynamic and visually stunning medium.

Animated videos and digital brochures visually demonstrate how specifiers can achieve energy savings, simplify waste management, reduce environmental impact and enhance indoor environment through Armstrong Ceilings' products and solutions, and back these up with case studies.

Energy savings can be achieved through Armstrong's CoolZone system which incorporates phase change material into the company's metal tiles to store and release thermal energy and save on air conditioning. Ceilings with high light reflectance that are capable of energy savings of up to 20% and island ceilings for thermal mass construction are also identified as ways in which energy can be saved.

Simplifying waste management is achieved through the use of Armstrong's two post-consumer recycling schemes - one for off-cuts as new tiles are installed on site and one for tiles at the end of their life. Both schemes recycle the tiles back into the mix at Armstrong's production facility in Gateshead.

Reducing environmental impact is gained through explaining the environmental benefits of Armstrong's mineral, metal and wood ceiling tiles and grid systems. And enhancing the indoor environment is attained through explaining which tiles are appropriate for acoustic and visual comfort and indoor air quality to clean room standards.

Five European case studies show how projects ranging from offices through hospitals to showrooms and university cafes benefit from this one-stop approach to specifying green ceiling solutions.

A recognised pioneer in green practices, Armstrong's sustainability programme meets BREEAM criteria on multiple levels (the company is the only UK manufacturer with a BRE Ecopoint profile, currently scored at 0.10) as well as Ska's good practice ratings.

Armstrong's interactive bright green presentation can be booked through the technical support team on


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