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Armstrong Ceilings gets warmer and warmer with wood

A range of beautiful wood tiles has been launched by Armstrong Atelier.
Published 31 August 2012

A stunning range of tiles that bring the warm and natural beauty of wood to the ceilings of building interiors without loss of acoustic performance has been launched as part of Armstrong Ceilings' Atelier offer.

The company has selected the finest quality wood finish, which complies with all fire requirements (Euroclass B-s2, d0) without comprising acoustic performance (sound absorption up to Class C) or environmental considerations (FSC-certified), to offer a luxurious, modern interior finish to new-build and refurbishment projects alike. Armstrong's new wood range is available in tiles and planks and in laminate, for a durable and more affordable option, or veneer, where real wood gives a particularly prestigious, high-class solution.

Both options are coated with a clear UV-enhanced and solvent-free lacquer that protects them from ageing and sunlight. Both the tiles and planks are compatible with Armstrong's renowned grid system, to enable ease of installation as well as safe and secure accessibility to the plenum for electrical and HVAC maintenance in interiors such as board rooms, lounge areas, atriums, hotel lobbies, offices and libraries.

The matt finish veneers are available in Ash, Oak, Red Oak, US Cherry and US Walnut options while the laminates come in Curly Maple, Pear and Canadian Maple. Edge details include the unique Vector option which produces a 6mm reveal that minimises the visible grid, creating a ceiling that appears even more monolithic than standard suspended ceilings. And for improved acoustic performance, several perforation options in circular or grooved holes, backed by an acoustic fleece, are available for the veneered range that achieves up to 0.65 αW. The complete range of veneers and laminates offers light reflectance values of up to 72%.

The new wood brochure can be downloaded on and enquiries handled via

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