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Armstrong Ceilings gets absorbed in its wall launch

Armstrong Ceilings has launched a range of wall absorbers for new or refurbished building interiors.
Published 16 February 2011

A range of wall absorbers which optimise acoustics in new or refurbished building interiors has been launched by the UK's leading interior solutions provider Armstrong Ceilings.

The AlphaCLASS FRAMES were designed with classrooms and learning spaces particularly in mind but are equally useful in other areas, such as offices, where background noise has the potential to have a negative impact on productivity.

A member of the BCSE (British Council for School Environments) and sponsor of the its Big School Makeover programme, Armstrong Ceilings has developed the new AlphaCLASS FRAMES to meet Class A sound absorption standards (0.90αw NRC:0.95) and counter excess reverberation with improved levels of intelligibility.

The pre-assembled steel-framed panels line the top portion of a wall in either wall-to-wall or exposed soffit ceiling configurations and can be displayed in a frieze layout under the ceiling level, in a continuous landscape pattern or as a combination of portrait and landscape elements.

AlphaCLASS FRAMES are affordable, environmentally friendly with no cutting or wastage, and can be installed directly onto walls in less than 15 minutes per module, making them ideal for retrofit applications where spaces are already occupied.

Available fully- or semi-demountable, the panels are manufactured in three sizes with a decorative Armstrong Nevada scrim facing, the bright white paint giving 82% light reflectance to help optimise the use of energy-saving natural light.


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