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Published Wed, Sep 13th 2017

British consumers want deliveries faster than ever

British consumers are demanding more flexibility and faster delivery times from online retailers and delivery couriers, a study conducted by Whistl reveals.

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  • Only 32% are willing to wait 2-3 working days for their deliveries
  • Women are more patient than men
  • Londoners want same day deliveries with Nottingham residents willing to wait 5 days
British consumers are demanding more flexibility and faster delivery times from online retailers and delivery couriers, new research reveals.

With the growth of online retailing there is growing pressure for online retailers to fulfil and deliver orders more quickly with delivery options to suit consumers lifestyles giving them the ability to track their purchases from the warehouse to their doorstep.

A study conducted by delivery management company Whistl has delved further into the growing delivery expectations of the British public and has discovered:
  • A third of the nation is still happy to receive their orders within two to three days
  • 7% of British consumers want same day delivery and nothing else
  • 12% must have their purchases on the next day
  • Surprisingly, over a quarter of the nation’s shoppers willing to wait a week to receive their shopping.
Women are happier, 91 hours on average, to wait longer for their deliveries compared to 89 hours for men.  Those under 24 are the most impatient, with only 16% saying they were happy to wait a week for delivery, compared to 38% of over 65s.  

London is all about instant deliveries with 10% looking for same day delivery, opposed to Belfast and Dublin not caring about same day delivery at all. Overall Birmingham, closely followed by London and Liverpool, are the most impatient, with the lowest average expected delivery of 3.3 days.  Compared to the most relaxed city, Nottingham, where they are willing to wait an average of 4.7 days for a delivery.

Melanie Darvall, Director of Marketing & Communications at Whistl said “With the rise of online shopping we are seeing a greater demand for same and next day delivery to fit in with the lifestyle needs of consumers.  This is driving a fundamental change in the speed and flexibility of services from delivery providers and they will have to continue to evolve to satisfy retailers who must respond to their customer’s needs.” 

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