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Published Wed, Aug 10th 2011

Connecticut Spring & Stamping Announces Office Product Capabilities

Rapid prototyping, high volume production capabilities and global supply know-how

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Farmington, CT - Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), a manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace, medical, firearms and defense industries worldwide, announces its wide range of springs and stampings for the office products industry. CSS has a 40-year history of working closely with major office products manufacturers, from collaborating in product development and rapid turnaround prototyping through high volume manufacturing. CSS can also meet its customers' need for close proximity to quality part on both sides of the world, with a manufacturing facility in China and the ability to handle shipping and logistics for manufacturing and assembly facilities in Mexico.

CSS has a particular expertise in developing and manufacturing springs and stampings for such high volume parts as printer/toner cartridges, including detent springs, compression springs, spring clips, latch clips, and blade springs, among others. Engineering experts work closely throughout the development process to generate sample springs and stampings for testing. CSS offers rapid sample prototype turnaround time, so product development can continue to advance as engineers test how alternatives work in their application and fine tune the product design. Major customers include HP, Lexmark, Xerox, and Flextronics.

CSS offers global supply advantages, with the product development & prototyping out of their Farmington, CT manufacturing facility in the United States, while qualifying parts at multiple alliance partners in China and shipping them to OEM's overseas or importing to the United States, as required. CSS normally supports OEM production in Mexico out of their USA manufacturing facility.

"CSS specializes in collaborating with office products customers to achieve fast turnaround in their product development processes," said Steve Dicke, vice president of sales and marketing at CSS. "We can provide the full range of needs, from a few pieces to initial low volumes all the way to high volume production. We produce parts in China or the USA, as needed."

About Connecticut Spring & Stamping

Headquartered in Farmington, CT, Connecticut Spring & Stamping is a manufacturer of all varieties of close tolerance precision parts for the medical, electronics, aerospace, firearms and defense industries worldwide. They provide springs, metal stampings & sub-assemblies for OEM's worldwide. In business since 1939, CSS prides itself in design and engineering involvement that starts with product development, and moves through prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly to warehousing and point of use. CSS has warehousing facilities in Puerto Rico and Singapore that allow our customers to build products with just in time (JIT) inventory.

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