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Published Tue, Mar 27th 2018

RosterPlus launched for Independent Care Providers

RosterPlus is the brand-new care management and scheduling software developed by CM2000, the homecare management experts. The solution has been designed to help Providers deliver care excellence across their business.

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RosterPlus is launched into the UK Care Provider market this week. The care management and rostering software solution, helps independent care providers to deliver the best care possible to their Clients, while accurately controlling costs and creating back office efficiencies.


Using RosterPlus, providers can undertake care assessment, reviews and risk assessments in the client’s home and can instantly access this information back in the office. This information is also available to Care Workers using a mobile App. RosterPlus allows the user to manage comprehensive Client records – including photos, body maps, support plans, MAR charts and more.
The solution comprises an easy to use interface that makes scheduling simple and efficient. It can allocate Care Workers based on a broad range of customisable criteria. In addition, RosterPlus allows providers to manage their workforce with detailed Care Worker records. The system includes the ability to manage staff expenses, absences, appraisals, training requirement, qualification and payroll.
RosterPlus manages both the service provision and the business via the system’s in-built reporting functionality, creating cost-efficiencies along the way.
Simon Rider Group Marketing Director says:
“For many years CM2000 has been synonymous with providing innovative, high-end care monitoring, scheduling and financial management solutions for Councils and Integrated Health. After nearly 20 years, the launch of RosterPlus is CM2000’s first software product designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium sized homecare providers.
In a crowded market space RosterPlus has a comprehensive range of Care Management features which will allow any provider to run their business efficiently while quality assuring service delivery. In addition to the competitive price tag, is the ability of RosterPlus to integrate seamlessly with CM2000’s CallConfirmLive monitoring services.
Above all RosterPlus is designed to complement existing processes – providing one system for delivering end-to-end care and managing your business.”
RosterPlus helps Care Providers to maintain and improve their CQC rating by helping them to quality assure and report on all aspects of the service delivery. RosterPlus is most effective in supporting a providers CQC journey when used in conjunction with CM2000’s CallConfirmLive! monitoring services.

Download 5 ways to improve your CQC rating.


Contact information

Nicky Frost

0121 308 3010

RosterPlus is the brand-new care management and scheduling software developed by CM2000, the homecare experts. It is a single solution for care and workforce management, designed specifically for Independent Care Providers. RosterPlus is highly intuitive, providing you with all the functionality you need for scheduling, employee management, and more.

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