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Published Fri, Jun 9th 2017

SMPR support Clean Air Day this June

With air pollution being a major concern for most of us, SMPR support National Clean Air Day to raise awareness of this invisible issue.

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SMPR support National Clean Air Day

Most of us will have seen the news coverage lately, how air pollution rates are higher than they have ever been. As experts in PR for HVAC providers, Simply Marcomms, better known as SMPR, are perhaps more aware than most on the dangers of air pollution and the benefits of having sufficient air cleaning & energy efficient solutions.

National Clean Air day is an opportunity to find out more about air pollution for everyone to act and make the air we breathe cleaner and much healthier for everyone.

Businesses are affected by air pollution, as well as the results of operating their business potentially causing higher air pollution levels. It has also been reported that air pollution within the workplace can make staff up to 6% less productive!

It is important that we all think about the effects of what we do and how this can affect the air around us – at home and at work. Could we walk rather than drive? Could we install an energy efficient, cleaner solution?

National Clean Air Day is also a great opportunity for businesses supplying energy efficient, less environmentally damaging products to promote their HVAC services and solutions to businesses and customers. With air quality being monitored much more closely of late, as well as government guidelines on emissions restricting usage of non-energy efficient machinery and HVAC systems, SMPR are urging businesses to think about the way in which their products are being marketed to ensure the real benefits are being shared with customers.

SMPR will be getting involved, creating awareness around HVAC systems and the benefits it holds for producing less damaging output into the air and environment.

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