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Published Thu, Sep 26th 2019

Going Digital: How to grow your Contract Cleaning Business

The Contract Cleaning sector is a highly competitive market with tight margins and where the customer is king. The need to ensure contract compliance, validate service delivery and automate key processes has never been higher. There are a wide range of opportunities for value growth and around 80% of cleaning contractors continue to report healthy financials, although the number of businesses at risk of failing continues to rise.

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Embracing digital in a business can be a powerful differentiator for Cleaning Contractors. 

In 2015 Cisco's CEO predicted that more than a third of businesses would not survive the next 10 years without going digital.  A recent UK poll focused on the nation’s attitudes to new, digital ways of working. The Report, The Dawn of a new Digital Age revealed that although digital transformation began decades ago in the UK, in many companies, paper-based transactions and manual processes persist, despite widespread innovation offering faster, safer, cheaper and more secure ways of doing business. 

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It’s easy to see why business models based on a digital platform are appealing – there is much less admin (and where there is, it’s often almost fully automated), and it’s far more responsive. UK cleaning contractors embracing technology can measure and monitor their cleaning procedures. By gathering data and analysing it real-time, it to helps them to work smarter, create efficiencies and raise standards. Our technology enables employers of large and small workforces of cleaners and maintenance workers to reduce absenteeism, lower costs via automation, and increase productivity and efficiencies. 

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Download: A Cleaning Contractor’s Guide to Workforce Management Technology here.

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