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Published Tue, Sep 5th 2017

Visibility of water consumption for increased sustainable efficiencies

The water market in England is deregulating, providing businesses with the opportunity to tap into savings by optimising water consumption, reducing cost and limiting wastage. From April 1st 2017, businesses in England can leave their current water supplier, which will offer choice and flexibility in an emerging competitive environment.

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The freedom to negotiate better deals, multi-utility bundles and a single supplier for multiple locations is set to result in economic and environmental efficiencies. It is thought to transform the sector across commercial, retail, leisure portfolios. However, take-up has been slow. Since April, just 28,000 switches were made, according to MOSL, market operator of the commercial water market. And that’s just the number of meters; even fewer business customers have taken the plunge.

Download our latest inforgraphic on water management planning here.

IMServ Water Efficiencies & Water Management Infographic

With our managed water services, we can cover a fully end-to-end provision. From allocation of appropriate metering hardware to effective data retrieval services. Access and visibility of your 30-minute water usage will then be provided to you at the touch of a button via our online energy management portal – Energy DataVision (EDV).

 As with other utilities, effectively measuring and monitoring your company’s water consumption allows businesses to benefit from effective energy management, cost reductions, whilst complying with industry legislation.

 England is following Scotland, which deregulated water in 2008 and has seen impressive savings to commercial property portfolios. With some reporting savings of up to 12% on their energy bills. Hospitality, leisure and restaurant services in particular, made substantial savings through reduced costs and reduced waste. In addition to this, the deregulation led to 28,000 tonnes of carbon savings, according to Business Stream.

 The potential positives of the move are clear. Deregulation will open up competition, and enable businesses to choose their water supplier. In turn, the suppliers will invest in better services and new innovations in order to attract customers. Scottish businesses, for example, saw a proliferation of AMR meters, increasing visibility of water consumption and allowing for a more efficient, more sustainable approach to be taken. IMServ believes the same thing will happen in England – total transparency to internal and external stakeholders is the new market trend. Metering and easy-to-view, dynamic and engaging data visibility will be key to this, allowing businesses and employees to make efficiency measures quickly and decisively.

 Water AMR Data Collection services from IMServ include:

  • Water Monitoring
    Managing water company permissions, installing and commissioning water loggers and where required: Sub Metering.

  • Data Collection
    Automatically and remote Half Hourly collection of your water consumption data.

  • EDV Water Plus
    Online access to water consumption data via EDV web portal.

With the ability to benchmark sites, forecast budgets, increase efficiency and identify leaks, IMServ’s bespoke water services help to manage all utilities with equal focus and effectiveness.

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