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Published Tue, Oct 3rd 2017

Optimising energy consumption for 25 years

Independent energy data management provider, IMServ Europe Limited, is celebrating 25 years in the utilities market. The company has a rich heritage in data collection and metering services, since it was founded in 1992.

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Looking back on the energy industry since the passing of the Energy Act 1983 much has happened. 30 years ago, the UK was leading the world by opening its supply market to allow electricity to be purchased outside the original regional electricity boards.

By 1992 electricity was being generated, distributed and sold through a competitive framework with the aim of delivering cost effective, innovative and customer driven services. With a new ability to choose and switch electricity suppliers came the need for frequent and accurate data usage reporting.
To support this interoperability IMServ (formerly UKDCS) was created to be the sole electricity Data Collector and Aggregator in England and Wales for what is known as the Half Hourly market, or more technically those organisations whose sites have a maximum demand of 100 kW.
IMServ’s key attributes at the time were its adherence to the robust and structured industry processes; its interoperability between the utility companies of the day; and its independence from the electricity generators, distributors and suppliers: a trait that still remains at the heart of IMServ today.
Over the years the energy industry has changed rapidly, evolving to the stresses of the UK’s energy demands and cascading the benefits of competitive markets to us all.

IMServ has continued its own evolution offering industry services such as Meter Operation services, energy Data Collection in the electricity Non Half Hourly market, as well as gas and water; balancing and settlement of generation data to more recently supporting the P272 industry changes.
For business customers IMServ was one of the first companies to offer remotely collected electricity data and has continuously evolved to deliver online graphical data and energy management solutions, carbon and energy saving services, multi utility services along with sub metering and capacity market services to support businesses’ more intricate energy management and demand requirements.
It is this robust, ever-evolving, attitude that has led the company to be a driving force in helping businesses make intelligent use of their energy.

Trusted Experts

The development of these specialist end-to-end energy management solutions, combined with experienced technicians, extensive industry knowledge and powerful web tools, means IMServ can deliver tangible data, energy and cost savings to organisations. Its customers are provided with access to data intelligence on ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ energy is used. It is these trusted experts that guide businesses, including Suppliers, energy consultancies and end-users through market and regulatory changes – helping them to understand what they need to do, and also what they don’t need to do.
The achievements of IMServ during the past 25 years lay at the forefront of the business today. The company has evolved to focus on data quality within an ever-changing market and has attained numerous accreditations to demonstrate its commitment to quality and customer services – ISOs 9001, 14001, 27001 and the ICS ServiceMark. The fundamentals of the business have remained firm and consistent during this time and with many business customers still approaching energy as merely a ‘cost to be managed’ and not having the steps in place to improve their energy consumption, IMServ can support that journey to achieving energy efficiency via tried and trusted energy management strategies.

Key milestones:

1992     IMServ established as UKDCS
1994     The UK’s first and only Half Hourly electricity data collector for England and Wales
1995     Provision of data services to customers for their own energy saving programmes
1997     Launch of EDV 1.0, to give customers access to their electricity data
1998     Data collection of Half Hourly sites reaches over 80,000 half hourly sites
1999     UKDCS rebranded as IMServ
2000     IMServ wins the Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) Central Services contract
2001     IMServ becomes a Meter Operator and starts Non-Half Hourly data services
2005     IMServ launched the energy consultancies partner services
2009     Introduction of Energy Management Services
2012     Launch of EDV 2.0 as a multi-utility, energy and carbon reduction software tool
2013     IMServ wins British Land’s “Managing Efficiently Supplier” award
2015     IMServ wins the Energy Award for Data Collection & Analysis.
2016     Launched P272 data services and Capacity Metering services for the demand market
2017     Institute of Customer Service Mark Accreditation

Contact information

Nicky Frost
IMServ Limited

IMServ Europe Ltd is one of the UK’s largest independent energy data management providers. The company offers carbon and energy management solutions, helping organisations across all sectors to save energy, reduce costs and control carbon emissions.

IMServ offers an all-inclusive portfolio that covers data collection, analysis, reporting and carbon management. To date over 250,000 sites in England, Scotland and Wales are benefiting from its solutions.

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