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Published Fri, Mar 10th 2017

ProntoCALC PRO Section now available to all Builders during free trial

ProntoCALC is the online build cost calculator, build cost estimator, designed for builders, architects, developers and homeowners.

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10/03/2017 – ProntoCALC – The web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, Architects and Homeowners are now offering access to the ProntoCALC PRO section, during the free trial period.

The web-based build cost calculator, ProntoCALC allows the Builder to quickly and accurately produce a price for a project, and it hold all the Builder’s rates.  As the quantities are entered, a cost schedule in PDF format of 14 pages is produced, detailing every aspect of the project.  The second section, ProntoCALC PRO, is for when the work is won and construction begins. This section of the cost estimator helps Builders and their Clients to financially manage the project.
The most important aspect of project cost management is the control of design changes/variations. There are two ways to apply a variation in ProntoCALC.  On the main site a variation list is created which adjusts the budget. If there is an item not covered in the quantities of the main site, or you have something you wish to remove from the budget, it can be done here. The variations in the PRO section work slightly differently.  It is often important to have evidence based records of additional labour and material costs. Here the daily costs of individual labour and materials can be recorded which are then immediately applied to the budget. It is never a good idea to leave these adjustments to the final moments of a project.  This record can be sent as a PDF to the client that will fulfil contractual requirements.
Overview of the ProntoCALC PRO Section

The function of PRO is to assist your management of the build process.  It has 5 sections:
  1. Monthly Records – Here you can check the actual build costs against the budget. A daily record is created by clicking on the named contractors and noting the materials delivered to site. The accrued costs are set against each item as you progress the build, so at a glance it can be seen whether you are running under or over budget. The early understanding of how a project is performing financially is highly valuable. This information is also useful for future projects because it can be seen which items are more and which items are less profitable. If your client is being billed monthly, the summary provides the expenditure to date so the appropriate sum is invoiced.
  2. Variations – Here you can create a variation record of labour and materials, this is done in the same way as the monthly records. The list created also appears on the main site keeping the budget up to date. A PDF report can be generated for each variation which can be sent to your client, helping to satisfy contractual requirements.
  3. Risk Assessments – This simple format should be considered a framework for the builder to begin his assessments. Easily adapted and added to, the legal requirement to create individual site assessments can be fulfilled.
  4. Health & Safety Policy – a legal requirement for any project which can be easily adapted and added to.
  5. Bill of Quantities – This is generated from the information entered on the main site. It will provide you with a list of quantities for all the main materials needed for your build project. A useful time saving function where the user needn`t review the drawings to re-measure quantities.

Nick Cook, an experienced Builder, and Founder of ProntoCALC, said:
“When you have successfully priced and won your project using ProntoCALC, and you come to start your project, the PRO section manages the building process.
It records everything so you know where you are in the budget, it supports the evidence of variations, risk assessments, health and safety policies and bill of quantities. it’s a process. Step by step, you fill in the boxes, and it gives you the ability to review your price. As you control your projects, you control your variations and that’s where the money is.

An example is a project that I am coming to the end of.  There were 27 variations on that project that amounted to £12,000 gross value in addition to the contract.   There were multiple items taken in and taken out so the actual changes added up to just over £20,000 – that’s a large sum of movement within the contract.  By using ProntoCALC PRO you have a record and your client receives notification through the project and everyone knows where they are.  You have the record, the date the time – as you have gone through, these variations you are sending over to your client and they can see what those variations are, and how they affect the bottom line of the budget. You aren’t taking it all at the end, and shocking anyone – its step by step.”
A good build cost system will help you prevent profit leakage and track each change.  Builders can therefore closely monitor all variation works. ProntoCALC PRO will provide the records and reports so that the Client is only asked to pay for works carried-out, the Builder will then get paid for these works.
ProntoCALC allows you to easily estimate costs involved when building an extension, new build, barn conversion or other types of building work. It makes it quicker and easier for you to price work and presents the costs in a 14-page format that will win you work.
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Representatives from ProntoCALC are available for media interviews and speaking opportunities. 
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ProntoCalc is a web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, Architects and Homeowners.

The application uses a simple & straightforward data entry system to produce a 10 page PDF output which details all aspects of your build. Our aim is to help our users save time and provide an honest & professional method of producing quotes.

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